In Other News #001

So what games have I been playing lately? What shows have caught my eye?

I recently finished watching season one of The Rain on Netflix, a pretty enjoyable Danish drama set in a post-apocalypse where a deadly virus carried by rainfall infects and kills anyone exposed to it. The series follows a group of people thrown together six years after the outbreak as they attempt to survive and reach safety in a Fallout-meets-The Walking Dead-meets-“Coming of Age Story 101” vibe. I say Fallout, because there are bunkers (ie “vaults”) dotted throughout the region belonging to a corporation called Apollon, for who the father of two of the protagonists works for, and within them secrets that unravel and present themselves as the episodes go on. What I especially enjoyed was the character development of each of the group, and the glimpse into their backstories; what brought them to this situation, how they survived this far, how they deal with danger and what lengths they will go to in order to stay alive. Definitely worth a watch if this is your type of genre.

Talking of post-apocalypses, I’m also making my way through the second season of The Shannara Chronicles. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure to be honest. The writing is sub-par, the characters are often cheesy and the pacing is just about bearable. But I really like the premise, and with a bit more effort it could really go places. It also reminds me that I need to read the books.

The story trailer for Wolfenstein Youngblood caught me off guard, but oh boy does it have my attention. Carpenter Brut’s frantic “Turbo Killer” is the perfect backdrop to a 1980’s synthwave Paris setting; this time you play as one of BJ Blaskowicz’s daughters as you search for your father and help drive the Nazi’s from the French capital. I have lost count how many times I have watched that thing. Reminds me of the likes of FarCry 3 Blood Dragon and Kung Fury (ok, maybe not that ridiculous, but you get the idea…)

Whilst on the subject of gaming, The Division 2 may have just launched but I have finally reached the level 30 cap in its predecessor! (Yes, I’m a filthy casual these days). Now I can finally try out Underground, Survival and Last Stand modes, as well as check out the World Tier content. I’m hearing some good things about the newly released 2nd installment, but I’m not done with the original just yet. Time to max out my gear score…

Finally, Rico is the dumbest and best kind of fun you can have as a Cop who busts down doors and shoots bad guys in slow motion whilst sliding along the floor and blowing up barrels in the process. Seriously, what else should you need to know? There’s a good amount of weapons and addons to unlock, the levels are procedurally generated and there are daily challenges with leaderboards. Think “rough-around-the-edges” Superhot crossed with True Crime & Hotline Miami. Yeah, you’re interested now, right?