Tidy Desktop, Tidy Mind.

When I started working from home back in March, I never knew just how long it would be for. Eight months later and I’m still not fully adjusted. I do have a couple of desk plants now.

So to help me focus, and cut down distractions, I recently decided to clean up my busy Windows desktop with a fresh interface using Rainmeter. After checking out a couple of video tutorials, and browsing some plugins and skins over at DeviantArt & the Rainmeter Reddit group, this is what I came up with.

A clutter free, eye pleasing backdrop with Work on the left, and Play on the right.

I used Silmera Dock for the left and right hidden bars, whilst Vecto provides the date, clock and song info (which is linked to Spotify). I chose to centralise & autohide the main taskbar with Taskbar X, and the tiny weather widget comes from Soniq. (Its one of the few that still work). Finally I chose Visbubble for the Equaliser.

The icons used within the left and right docks were mainly sourced from Icons8, then coloured in Photoshop.

Finally, the slick background art is by a highly talented redditor by the name of u/dankosaurus__rex. You can see more of their work over at r/Gundam.