Escape to the Communist Commute

It’s funny the things you miss. Often it’s the things we take for granted, or those that don’t seem that important. This week I found myself on a rare business trip out of the Capital and up north, and with it a long, sleepy commute through the heart of the London Underground and out ofContinue reading “Escape to the Communist Commute”

The Mittens Maketh the Man, and the Meme.

So Trump is out, Biden is in but the clear winner and show stealer was Bernie Sanders and his pair of woollen mittens. Perhaps this is where Donny went wrong? (Who am I kidding..) It’s quite amazing to watch a meme take off in real-time, and in such an explosive “fashion” as #berniesmittens did. EvenContinue reading “The Mittens Maketh the Man, and the Meme.”

Time for an Overclock

It’s been about five years since I upgraded to my current PC, and with recent titles like Watchdogs Legion, my GTX 970 is starting to show its graphical age, particularly when you start comparing standard graphics settings to those with RTX enabled. It all looks very clean and shiny. However, Nvidia’s RTX cards are farContinue reading “Time for an Overclock”

Tidy Desktop, Tidy Mind.

When I started working from home back in March, I never knew just how long it would be for. Eight months later and I’m still not fully adjusted. I do have a couple of desk plants now. So to help me focus, and cut down distractions, I recently decided to clean up my busy WindowsContinue reading “Tidy Desktop, Tidy Mind.”

In Other News #002

Between sweltering record heatwaves, malfunctioning transport networks, trespassing dogs and national flood warnings, this week has been quite unusual to say the least. It’s just typical that by the time the weekend comes around, the “glorious” temperatures that baked us alive on our fragile daily commute are replaced with greying skies and miserable torrential rain.Continue reading “In Other News #002”

Miniature Painting, A Rediscovery

Once upon a time in the early to mid 90’s a much younger version of myself discovered Games Workshop, and its fantastic worlds of Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K and Necromunda amongst others. Many a weekend would I spend trying my hand at painting miniatures, or battling at the local store. However it wasn’t long beforeContinue reading “Miniature Painting, A Rediscovery”

In Other News #001

So what games have I been playing lately? What shows have caught my eye? I recently finished watching season one of The Rain on Netflix, a pretty enjoyable Danish drama set in a post-apocalypse where a deadly virus carried by rainfall infects and kills anyone exposed to it. The series follows a group of peopleContinue reading “In Other News #001”

Music To My Ears – MRKRYL – “Again”

Check out MRKRYL’s hauntingly soothing “Again” as recently featured by FOMH. FOMH has quickly become one of my favourite go-to sources for new music and emerging electronic artists. A platform for artists to share their art with a global audience, FOMH is home to musicians, photographers, filmmakers, designers, artists, and content creators alike. Each trackContinue reading “Music To My Ears – MRKRYL – “Again””