Sketching Studies

In a bid to better my drawing skills and sketching abilities, I recently picked up Portrait Drawing by Joanna Henly. It’s a fantastic and concise series of exercises and tips on how to draw people’s faces and features. The first set of exercises are to study and practice sketching the skull, to get a better appreciation of shape and form.

I decided to initially try this out using Autodesk Sketchbook on the Samsung S4 Tab with the S-pen. With palm rejection fully enabled within the apps, it is quite a joy to use. I’m seriously impressed with the responsiveness of the tablet & pen. Other Android devices I have owned have never been able to deliver a truly capable drawing experience, having to pair third-party styluses and often leaving unwanted lines and artifacts on the screen when the side of my hand rests on it. I plan to try out several other apps such as Infinite Painter, Medibang and Artflow, and then write up a brief comparison.

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