DAN | Lighting designer, aspiring writer & digital doodler. Design, music, & sci-fi are my holy trinity. I’m currently trying my hand at penning a novel called [D]rifter.

Fascinated by the other-worldly, and tantalised by all things tech, a good gadget will engross me as much as a good book. Tolkien’s high fantasy, the choose-your-own of Jackson & Livingstone, and the neo-futures of Bladerunner, Tron, and The Matrix have shaped and melded my love of adventure and escapism.

When I’m not progressing [D]rifter, I write about current events, society & culture, technology & entertainment, and of course, writing.

I also co-host a new Podcast & Medium.com publication called Prompt Night with Rhys Davies-Santibanez, which is all about writing prompts.