[Depths is a short / flash fiction piece I recently pitched for an anthology submission. Unfortunately it didn’t reach the shortlist this time, but I did receive some very helpful and constructive feedback.]

Deep at the bottom of the ocean is the only place I find peace. Isolated and protected from the madness of the world above, the weight of the seas envelop me like a soft, heavy blanket – the pressures of hostile society replaced with that of atmospherics. A tranquil melody of creaks and groans from the submersible’s inner walls are a soothing remedy to the vitriolic throes that rage on the surface. At this depth, I am cut off from the voices in my ear from my support crew, and the other voices that goad me to flush my oxygen tanks. Here, it is just me, and my observations of the Atlantic floor.

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Earth Commerce

Welcome to Earth Major, 2307. Firmware 3.1.53. 

It has been 2 months and 12 days since the last consumer uprising. Estimated GNP loss of  ¥R 42 Billion. Since the Great Capitalist Rebellion of 2205-2209, Corporations are officially recognised as the governing elite, as Commercial Autocracy washed away the obsolete ways of State and Party rule. With the fall of the old establishment, Conglomerates now map the globe. National pride and brand identity has become one and the same.   

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