I’ve Been Struggling To Write Anything Lately…

My Friends Suggested I Write About It. For the past couple of months, I have been suffering from Writer’s Drought. “Block” is simply too good a word, suggesting a stream of creative discourse is merely backed up, desperate to be unclogged by some cognitive Mr Muscle. My mind is a barren wilderness. If you listenContinue reading “I’ve Been Struggling To Write Anything Lately…”

New Parenting During a Pandemic Lockdown

This is not the dystopia I had in mind. In the 2011 film “In Time”, time itself is the ultimate commodity. Those who can afford it enjoy the infinite spoils, whilst everyone else scrambles to hold on to what little they have left. Since becoming a father in February of this year, the latter hasContinue reading “New Parenting During a Pandemic Lockdown”