Tidy Desktop, Tidy Mind.

When I started working from home back in March, I never knew just how long it would be for. Eight months later and I’m still not fully adjusted. I do have a couple of desk plants now. So to help me focus, and cut down distractions, I recently decided to clean up my busy WindowsContinue reading “Tidy Desktop, Tidy Mind.”

Social Exposure & Digital Housekeeping

Why is it such a pain to remove old URLs? When it comes to leaving a social media platform, some websites make it incredibly difficult to actually delete your account. When leaving Facebook, it’s purposely awkward procedures would only allow me to initially “deactivate” my profile first, and would not permanently scrub me from theirContinue reading “Social Exposure & Digital Housekeeping”

Curb Your Procrastination

Is it me, or have the number of ads on Instagram shot up in the past few months? I swear it’s getting to the point where half my feed is sponsored, and they’re not just your usual gaming or corporate posts. It’s also the paid-for promoted content from other users that are starting to aggressivelyContinue reading “Curb Your Procrastination”