Escape to the Communist Commute

It’s funny the things you miss. Often it’s the things we take for granted, or those that don’t seem that important. This week I found myself on a rare business trip out of the Capital and up north, and with it a long, sleepy commute through the heart of the London Underground and out ofContinue reading “Escape to the Communist Commute”

Bird Box is a “Dreadfully” Good Read

Josh Malerman’s Bird Box is a wonderfully crafted tale of modern-day survival against a deadly mysterious force of evil, woven with dread and the fear of the unknown from the get-go. I can honestly say it has been one of the most enjoyable reads for me this year so far. Whilst I’m not typically aContinue reading “Bird Box is a “Dreadfully” Good Read”

Keeping Calm in a World of Chaos

As the daily stresses and strains of our everyday lives nibble away at our sanity, it is important to take stock, to step back if for a moment, and refocus. It is all too easy to become enveloped, too wrapped up in whatever eats away at us. It’s also very common to take these challengesContinue reading “Keeping Calm in a World of Chaos”